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712science: Bibles - Word of GOD


please see these websites for further Bible resources:
RCBI resources - download pdf Bibles in various languages and translations
Adamawa Fulfulde Bible.pdfAdamawa_Fulfulde_Bible.pdf
Afrikaans Bible.pdfAfrikaans_Bible.pdf
Albanian Bible.pdfAlbanian_Bible.pdf
Amharic Bible.pdfAmharic_Bible.pdf
Arabic Bible.pdfArabic_Bible.pdf
Awadhi Bible.pdfAwadhi_Bible.pdf
Bengali Bible.pdfBengali_Bible.pdf
Brazilian Portuguese New Testament.pdfBrazilian_Portuguese_New_Testament.pdf
Bulgarian New Testament.pdfBulgarian_New_Testament.pdf
Burmese New Testament.pdfBurmese_New_Testament.pdf
Cebuano Bible.pdfCebuano_Bible.pdf
Chinese Bible.pdfChinese_Bible.pdf
Croatian Bible.pdfCroatian Bible.pdf
Croatian New Testament.pdfCroatian - New Testament.pdf
Danish Bible.pdfDanish Bible.pdf
Dholuo Bible.pdfDholuo Bible.pdf
Dutch Bible.pdfDutch Bible.pdf
Dzongkha New TestamentDzongkha New Testament.pdf
[English] Amplified Bible.pdfAmplified Bible.pdf
[English] Young's Literal Translation Bible.pdfYoung's Literal Translation Bible.pdf
[English] King James Version Bible.pdfKing James Version Bible.pdf
Estonian Bible.pdfEstonian Bible.pdf
Ewe New Testament.pdfEwe New Testament.pdf
Finnish Bible.pdfFinnish Bible.pdf
French Bible.pdfFrench Bible.pdf
Georgian Portion of New Testament.pdfGeorgian Portion of New Testament.pdf
German Bible.pdfGerman Bible.pdf
Gikuyu Bible.pdfGikuyu Bible.pdf
Greek Bible.pdfGreek Bible.pdf
Gujarati Bible.pdfGujarati Bible.pdf
Hausa Bible.pdfHausa Bible.pdf
Hebrew Bible.pdfComplete Hebrew Bible.pdf
Hebrew New Testament.pdfHebrew New Testament.pdf
Hiligaynon New Testament.pdfHiligaynon New Testament.pdf
Hindi Bible.pdfHindi Bible.pdf
Hungarian Bible.pdfHungarian Bible.pdf
Indonesian Bible.pdfIndonesian Bible.pdf
Italian Bible.pdfItalian Bible.pdf
Japanese Bible.pdfJapanese Bible.pdf
Kabyle New TestamentKabyle New Testament.pdf
Kannada Bible.pdfKannada Bible.pdf
Kirghiz Portion of New Testament.pdfKirghiz Portion of New Testament.pdf
Korean New Testament.pdfKorean New Testament.pdf
Kurdish New Testament.pdfKurdish New Testament.pdf
Latvian New Testament.pdfLatvian New Testament.pdf
Malagasy Portion of New Testament.pdfMalagasy Portion of New Testament.pdf
Malay New Testament.pdfMalay New Testament.pdf
Malayalam Bible.pdfMalayalam Bible.pdf
Manchu New Testament.pdfManchu New Testament.pdf
Maori Bible.pdfMaori Bible.pdf
Marathi Bible.pdfMarathi Bible.pdf
Mongolian Old Testament.pdfMongolian Bible - Old Testament.pdf
Mongolian - Portion of New Testament.pdfMongolian Portion of the New Testament.pdf
Moore New Testament.pdfMoore New Testament.pdf
Murut Tagal Portion of New Testament.pdfMurut Tagal Portion of New Testament.pdf
Murut Timugon Portion of New TestamentMurut Timugon Portion of New Testament.pdf
Ndebele Bible.pdfNdebele Bible.pdf
Nepali Bible.pdfNepali Bible.pdf
Norwegian Bible.pdfNorwegian Bible.pdf
Oriya Bible.pdfOriya Bible.pdf
Oromo New Testament - Ethiopic_Script.pdfOromo New Testament - Ethiopic Script.pdf
Oromo New Testament - Latin Script.pdfOromo New Testament - Latin Script.pdf
Penan Portion of New Testament.pdfPenan Portion of New Testament.pdf
Persian Farsi Bible.pdfPersian Farsi Bible.pdf
Polish Bible.pdfPolish Bible.pdf
Portuguese Bible.pdfPortuguese Bible.pdf
Punjabi Bible.pdfPunjabi Bible.pdf
Romanian Bible.pdfRomanian Bible.pdf
Russian Bible.pdfRussian Bible.pdf
Serbian New Testament.pdfSerbian New Testament.pdf
Shona New Testament.pdfShona Bible.pdf
Shuar New Testament.pdfShuar New Testament.pdf
Somali Bible.pdfSomali Bible.pdf
Spanish Bible.pdfSpanish Bible.pdf
Swahili Bible.pdfSwahili Bible.pdf
Swedish Bible.pdfSwedish Bible.pdf
Tachelhit New Testament.pdfTachelhit New Testament.pdf
Tagalog Portion of New TestamentTagalog Portion of New Testament.pdf
Tamajaq Portion of Bible.pdfTamajaq Portion of Bible.pdf
Tamil Bible.pdfTamil Bible.pdf
Tarifit Rifberber New Testament.pdfTarifit Rifberber New Testament.pdf
Telugu Bible.pdfTelugu Bible.pdf
Thai Bible.pdfThai Bible.pdf
Turkish Bible.pdfTurkish Bible.pdf
Tuvin New Testament.pdfTuvin New Testament.pdf
Ukranian Bible.pdfUkranian Bible.pdf
Uma New Testament.pdfUma New Testament.pdf
Urdu Bible.pdfUrdu Bible.pdf
Vietnamese Bible.pdfVietnamese Bible.pdf
Vietnamese New Testament.pdfVietnamese New Testament.pdf
Zarma Bible.pdfZarma Bible.pdf